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Brevard & Indian Riverping

RED RHINO is a special place.

Read about our roots and the things we hold dear. You’ll find this company goes a whole lot deeper than pool leaks.


To magnify God's glory by taking care of people and funding gospel ministry.


We are. Life is about more than money and work is about more than fancy titles. Join our team today and become part of something great.

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Our beginnings aren't all that glamorous. We were just a couple of guys who needed an honest, stable income.


And when we started the company we had no concept of how the Lord might use us. But early on we committed ourselves to Psalm 127:1 - Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. What this principle has meant practically is, to do our work for God's glory and not for our own. We do this by depending upon Him for wisdom and provision, honoring Him by taking care of people, and doing things with excellence. And so, at Red Rhino, the essence of what we are about has always gone far beyond finding and fixing leaks. We are passionate about the people in the company and love to pour into them and help them grow. As owners, our ultimate allegiance is to our savior Jesus Christ who purchased us with His precious blood - all of our lives flows out of this relationship. Privileged to serve,

Mark & Danny


We're not making this stuff up. These values have kept us on track for 18 years.



Excellence isn't easy or comfortable to achieve. It's about doing your work to the best of your ability, consistently, without cutting corners, whether you feel like it or not.



Fun is fun. Work can be hard, so we keep things lighthearted. We don't take ourselves too seriously and definitely enjoy a good time together.



Innovation means we spend time and money pushing beyond the status quo. We're always asking, "how can we do this better?"



Family at RED RHINO is about looking out for one another. People are more important than profits. So we want to support our employees and those they love most.



Character is who you really are on the inside. Integrity, humility, and selflessness are the three most important qualities that define character at RED RHINO.

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You don’t have to be as good looking as Travis to be a rhino. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. If our values resonate with you, then take a minute to see if we’ve got the job you’re looking for.