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When your pool leaks, you need an expert to figure out what's broken and how to fix it.

Here's how our Rhino process works.



We take you by the hand from start to finish.


We find your leaks

Pool leaks come from lots of places and are hard to find. That's why we send a highly-trained pool leak expert to test everything and pinpoint where your problems lie. We promise to find all your pool leaks, 100%.


We give you repair options

Industry standards weren't meeting our customers' needs, so we developed over 20 specialty repairs that last longer, look better, and cost less. We'll educate you on all your repair options so you can make an informed decision about your pool.


We fix your leaks

All repairs are done by us. That means no subs. Our techs are craftsman who take pride in doing their work right the first time. On top of that, you're covered by warranties. Real repairs backed by real guarantees.


We follow up with you

Some people don't want to know what others think of them. We do. Once your repair is done, we'll call you to make sure you're happy. We want you to be happy. Really happy.

100% Happy Promise

It’s easy to talk a big game and then not back it up. That’s why we give you our happy promise—you’re happy or you get your money back.

Still got Questions?

No problem. Leaks can be complicated, but our friendly office staff is here to help.